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Maybe four. It was in my pocket and it stayed there. There was nothing to look at. His keyboard.

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Notes with his scribbled down handwriting. A calculator. Some corporate bank pictures framed in plastic. Really, nothing. I sat there. Debating in my head all the while. Read an article. Check your email. Make a move on Words with Friends.

Hell, test the wireless Internet speed at the bank. I sat there and I won a little battle. And it felt good. Because while there was nothing to really look at, I created space in my head to have a debate and talk to myself as opposed to letting some noise talk to me. I did notice his desk. I did notice the calculator. I did see the awful pictures on the walls. To inspire something I tell my kids? To deliver a killer idea for a logo or tagline for a client? To inspire something new and different I do for me or me and my wife?

I have one at my bedside. The pure desire to read—the feeling of want, not the rationale of want. But in spurts, online, blog posts, articles, stuff like that.

HMD does nearly everything right with this $269 wonder phone.

Not really, really, really reading. Earlier in the day yesterday, I met with my father-in-law for coffee. It was a little difficult because at the beginning he was writing to someone on his device and I always find it hard when someone else is on the phone. I just waited and when he was done we continued.

Before picking my eldest up from nursery school, I bought a sandwich and sat on a bench to eat. Sitting there eating a sandwich with not much to look at, I got a little bored.

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Facebook, anyone? The urge was really strong. I picked up my phone and I checked my email.

It annoyed and still annoys me that I did. Just because I want to get that stage where I can be bored. I want to revel in boredom. I want to be present.

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Is that so much to ask for? Is that so odd to crave in this day and age? But being on it most of my free time feels wrong on every level. But it is. And that says tons. Three minutes can easily become 30 minutes. Its camera is comfortably better than those on the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 though. Round the front the 8MP selfie snapper is more than serviceable for the occasional vanity shot, or a quick video chat or Snapchat recording. Click here to view the full resolution image. Current page: Battery life and camera. Back to School Home Reviews Mobile phones.

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