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BrowseReporter can i spy on mobile phone website provides an easy to use phone keylogger weebly reporting utility that generates comprehensive reports. Follow these quick steps and get protected! The user clicks on a single day or date range to initiate the request.

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Company About Us Blog Press. Follow Us face twitter google instagram. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Send Sending. All Rights Reserved. Forgot your details? Create Account. At this point I was certain this was a scam and asked him for proof that he was actually from BT. He quoted my name and full address and phone number, but of course anyone could get that information. So I suggested that, to be sure he really was from BT, I would ring him back. At which point he put the phone down.

I really can't imagine that anyone from BT would resort to using Teamviewer. I suspect that these so-called engineers would use Teamviewer to take control of the PC and try and install software that would extract passwords for banking or credit card sites.

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All calls were "traceable" i. American country.. A "spoofed number"? I have had the same experience and agree that all calls of this kind should be dismissed.

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I also asked the person phoning me reporting to be from BT give me for authorisation that he was from BT which he could not. So I said I would phone him back after phoning BT myself to find out if it was genuine. After phoning BT to ask if they had just called requesting the information, BT could tell me the last time they contacted me by phone, and they had not contacted me that same time as the unsolicited phone call who reported to be BT.

BT also advised that I should be aware of such unsolicited callers. I had a similar phone call from so-called "BT OpenReach" this morning saying my broadband had been hacked. Again, two Indian men were involved with strong Indian accents. They asked me to run the Event Logger which I did and then they tried to tell me that I had been hacked as there were errors there! Despite them telling a good story and saying that I wasn't techinically competent to know that I had been hacked, I asked them to prove they were from BT.

One said his name was Robert Burton not a very Indian name! They then tried to get me to download TeamViewer. At that point I said I was going to ring BT to check their credentials - and hung up, as I knew there was a part of TeamViewer that allowed access from them to your computer. Two calls today from a "BT Engineer" telling me that there are some internet problems BT have detected on my line Or another Scam?

Repetitive tasks arise during the day randomly, I need a macro recorder that is continuosly recording and with IA to detect when one task can be repeated automatically.

Jurij Fedorov, it is very simple. For example, I will show you how to record the text bellow into the key 1.

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Execute CMD command prompt in administration mode. Create the file 1. Create file 1. Create a shortcut on your desktop to the file 1. Example, if you file 1.

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I need some extremely simple software. I need to write text in the software itself and then when I click a button on my keyboard that text needs to be written. Then I will use 2 buttons for 2 different lines of text.

I use AlomWare Actions alomware. Agreed that Anthony Mathews Macromaker is the best of the lot. I used it for years on XP and Win 7 to automate everything except for washing the dishes and flushing the toilet.

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But does anyone know how to make it work on Win 10? A new addition to the list is UiPath Studio. The Community Edition is FREE with lots of features for screen scraping, web and desktop automation and macro recording: uipath. What do you think about UiPath? I downloaded MiniMouse. Talk about a DUH feature.

You could make the shortcuts as ANY key you wanted, and why not? I wish I knew what I did with that. Hey James.

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So according to you I wouldnt be able to, it would stop recording. With Mini Mouse Macro you can define your keys to stop recording. Wow, I went through four of these before finding Mouse Recorder Premium 1. When you record a macro, it automatically streamlines your mouse movements. You can wave the mouse around during recording and then click somewhere and the excess mouse movement is automatically reduced to point to point events. You can probably tell I was stunned — and very pleased. Yes, MPR is free and easy to use.